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Our Mission

To lead our clients into the age of new technology by helping them understand, apply, and profit from the latest and constantly changing technology available. We offer corporate owners, senior executives and IT managers the benefits of a wealth of knowledge and services tailored to their specific needs.

About Us

L.T. R. Consulting is a unique kind of computer consulting firm. We're information technology solutions providers with a specialty in open source and free software. If you don't know what that means you definitely need us; if you're familiar with open source technology, you know you can't afford not to use us.

We're considered to be Leaders in the Technology Revolution by our satisfied clients who range from Fortune 50 companies to Internet startups. For over ten years, we've worked with companies to find a better way to implement available technologies that save them money and allow them to provide better service to customers. We've also saved them time and increased employee productivity by creating systems that are more reliable and user-friendly. We look at the whole picture: hardware, operating systems, applications, systems integration, budgets, employee training and more. It's true IT project management, taking into account all factors that make the project a success.

We're solution providers, which means we're here to show you options, implement recommendations and fix problems, not sell you products. That's one of the things that distinguish L.T.R from other computer "experts". Also, we offer both proprietary and open source solutions such as Linux, something others rarely do. By offering vendor neutral solutions, our clients are not locked into one proprietary system.

Open source solutions will save your company thousands or even millions of dollars in licensing fees and are fully configurable, allowing software to be tailored to your needs. The software is free and often of better quality than proprietary offerings. Unlike most other companies, our staff is fully certified by both Microsoft and the Linux Professional Institute, which means we offer you the best of both worlds. We're far ahead of the rest and proud to be a leader in the world of changing technology.

We serve customers in Central and Northern New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia. Other areas are serviced by remote computing or by special arrangement.

Our Offerings

Aside from IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT and OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS, we offer the following individual products and services:

  • Web Services
  • System Integration
  • System Administration
  • System Monitoring
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Home and Office Networking
  • Directory and Database Administration
  • Programming
  • Mail and File Servers
  • Security
  • Training and Support

Our Value

L.T.R. Consulting helps companies with problems they're facing now, and provides the flexibility they'll need in the future, through solutions that transcend particular products.

What most executives don't know about their computer infrastructure costs them! So, we save them (or their competitors, if they get to us first) enormous amounts of money by educating them about alternatives.

If your company has ten to ten thousand computers, we're perfect for you. To show you how perfect, we urge you to take advantage of a free consultation with one of our skilled consultants. If you think you can't afford an hour with us, think of what not talking with us will cost you!

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