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Broad Services

IT Project Management. L.T.R. Consulting examines and makes recommendations about your organization's whole IT program. We take a close look at the hardware, operating systems, applications, systems integration, budgets and employee training programs. They're all factors that play a part in IT success and we scrutinize them individually and as parts of the whole.

Open Source Solutions. Our recommendations and implementation of vendor neutral solutions will save your company huge amounts of money in licensing fees. The software is free! It's also fully configurable, which means we can tailor it to your current needs and anticipate future ones. Open source solutions like Linux are often of better quality than the products of well-known proprietary giants.

Individual Products and Services

  • Web Services. Whether you're already on the web or would like to establish a presence there, we're here to help you every step of the way. Our expertise includes web servers and web sites, including the ability to create dynamic sites. We'll help you: 1) register your name; 2) host your site through shared or solely owned servers; and 3) create an impactful site with our award winning writing and design services. Static or dynamic options are available; our expertise in programming languages will help facilitate the latter. We set up external and internal sites and specialize in secure web services. Use us for any or all of your web needs.

  • System Integration. We'll get your systems to talk to each other, integrating all applications, user and data driven systems. We'll help you access mainframe data, get your Excel and text files communicating or create a gateway from Microsoft to Oracle databases. Maybe your employees waste time logging in and out or trying to remember multiple passwords as they go from system to system. We'll make it all flow like a well-oiled machine.

  • Systems Administration. We help with all kinds of server issues and solve all operating system problems. Our experts understand the most complex aspects of your system. We'll coddle your existing server or install a new one like Linux, Windows, or Macintosh. Then we'll guide you through applications like Excel or Microsoft Word. Perhaps your computers are running out of disk space or those nightly tape backups are becoming a nightmare. We can even set up remote access monitoring and perform these functions for you.

  • System Monitoring. Let L.T.R. Consulting monitor your systems 24/7. From remote, we'll know if your web site goes down and immediately alert you so the problem can be quickly fixed (by you or us). We know you never want to lose a sale or customer inquiry and now you don't have to. On a more mundane level, we'll monitor disk space and routine backup procedures?before they become crises.

  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning. How much would loss of information cost you? The answer to that is the reason you need an "insurance policy". We'll help you plan for disaster and should it occur, we'll execute the plan. Doing off-site backups, determining what information is critical and calculating frequency of duplication are all part of the process. In extreme cases, we'll arrange for data to go to simultaneous sites and plan for disaster-only rental of data centers. L.T.R. also provides nightly off-site backup storage services -from your hard drive to ours- for a small monthly fee.

  • Home & Office Networking. Your employees can work securely from home or right in the company conference room without wires. We're able to provide Internet access to any size company, whether your organization is new or you have an existing network that's giving you problems. From the actual cabling, to providing/installing/configuring routers and switches, to getting all computers to talk the same network language, we're the ones to call. We'll connect branch offices to corporate headquarters or connect employees' homes to the office. Our skill applies to both dedicated circuits or virtual private networks, a much less expensive alternative.

  • Directory and Database Administration. Let us address your database requirements, from lightweight queries like LDAP to full-blown ones like Oracle. We'll recommend the most appropriate database for your needs, whether you're tracking widget specs, sales figures or cost components. How many employees need access to data, the security model required and performance needs are all part of the equation. System selected, L.T.R. will then install hardware, operating system and database, and design user interfaces to allow data manipulation. Database modeling is critical: if the system is designed properly, it will be easy to modify it as things change. We design with the future in mind. For those whose systems are already in place, we do performance tuning. If you need to migrate data from an old system to a new one, we'll handle data conversion. We'll also write definitions if you have standardized reports that need to be generated on a regular basis.

  • Programming. We're fluent in many languages, including HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PL/SQL, PHP and ASP. Expertise in virtually all scripting and compiled languages enables us to write compatibly for your server. Or, if you're installing a new server, we'll conduct a needs analysis and make recommendations based upon such things as your need for a platform independent language to accommodate diverse users or your need for speed.

  • Mail & File Servers. For new companies or those starting over, this is a must. Companies with many users, long time frames or large files will need their own mail server. To enable your employees to share files, we'll set up a shared hard drive using open source or Microsoft solutions. We'll insure compatibility with any well-know operating system like Linux, Windows or Macintosh.

  • Security. Do you want your staff to know each other's salaries? We didn't think so! But that's exactly what could happen if your system's set up by those with insufficient experience. True security requires looking at the whole picture: the physical model (can someone walk away with your hard drive?); the exposures and liabilities of your operating system; your security model (how you manage passwords); social engineering (inappropriate requests of information from others); training (how to accomplish goals without asking for passwords); hardening your system (changing configurations and ruining a hacker's day!); and intrusion detection and swift notification. Unless you have it all, you're system's not secure.

  • Training and Support. Having a great system is worthless if your staff doesn't know how to use it. We're big on education and we'll work with your IT department, technicians and users to get things running smoothly. If you don't understand this web site, we'll gladly start with you. Your employees will feel more secure knowing that they can always turn to L.T.R.'s help desk for assistance. This call center is available 24/7 for clients that want it. We're also available to serve as middleman with your outside vendors, who may seem to speak a different language from you.

We have on staff:

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